Watch a Supercut of Every Onscreen Death in the Star Wars Trilogy

NASA Warp Drive SpaceShip – SnowCone Fields


A lot of people die in the original Star Wars trilogy — and not just people, but also droids, tauntauns, twi’leks, and hutts. This supercut from Digg of every onscreen death in A New Hope, The Emperor Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi estimates the toll at just over 2 billion.

That said, slayings are refreshingly free of gore; rather than oozing blood, sparks fly and clouds of white smoke billow. Lightsabers swoop and planets explode. Backed by Girl Talk, the bursts of fire and neon light make for a borderline psychedelic viewing experience.

We’ve still got more than a year to wait for Star Wars: Episode VII, for which filming is currently underway. But hopefully this will tide fans over — for three minutes, at least.

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